MyBits Weekly #9

MyBits Weekly #9

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In today’s Weekly we have picked the top stories from last seven days.

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MaxPlay nears closed beta for cloud-based collaborative game and VR engine

MaxPlay has announced the closed beta test for its cloud-based collaborative game development engine. The San Francisco company says its platform modernizes the process of making games by enabling people in remote locations to work on the same part of a game with cloud-based assets in real-time.


Skype sets a course for the cloud, ditching some apps on the way

Skype is leaving behind its peer-to-peer roots and going all in on the cloud. While the popular messaging app made it this far by facilitating connections between computers for video calls and other communications, it’s moving to a cloud architecture that is supposed to improve performance and expand the service’s capabilities


Sixa wants to put your personal computers in the cloud

One of the advantages of cloud computing is the ability to abandon conventional storage on your computer and keep content exclusively in “the cloud.” But what if you could have your entire computer stored in the cloud, allowing you to access your software and applications from anywhere? That’s what Sixa wants to facilitate, and it’s targeting developers who would like to avoid lugging around bulky laptops.


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The hacking group that pwned Zuckerberg’s Twitter account broke into Minecraft

he same hacking group that took over Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter account said on Tuesday it had found a way to break into accounts connected to the hit game Minecraft.


Hackers are targeting the Rio Olympics, so watch out for these cyberthreats

The Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro will attract more than just athletes and tourists this year. Hackers from across the world will also be on the prowl, trying to exploit the international event.  That means visitors to the Olympics and even people watching from home should be careful. Cyberthreats related to the games will probably escalate over the coming weeks and could creep into your inbox or the websites you visit.


Cybersecurity company executives plead guilty to hacking rival firm

Not only did the Quadsys staff reportedly break into servers, they were caught doing it. Five employees from cybersecurity firm Quadsys have admitted to hacking to a rival company’s servers to allegedly steal customer data and pricing information.


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Beware! Your iPhone Can Be Hacked Remotely With Just A Message

Cisco Talos senior researcher Tyler Bohan, who discovered this critical Stagefright-type bug in iOS, described the flaw as “an extremely critical bug, comparable to the Android Stagefright as far as exposure goes.”


Prisma beta now available on Android

Prisma, the latest fad in the app world, is now on Android after a brief period of exclusivity on iOS. The app, for those who don’t know, is an image editing software that processes your images in different art style to give it that look of a painting or a sketch. It’s not something new but Prisma is particularly good at doing this and it has a ton of different art styles to choose from.


Exclusive: Sony Xperia F8331 photographed, shows brand new design

Photos of the Sony Xperia F8331 – what should be Sony’s next flagship this year – were left in our tip box by a reader of ours. And they show a very different design, a clean break from the Z lineup.



Unilever buys Dollar Shave Club for reported $1B value

Unilever creates and captures a unicorn with its plans to acquire Dollar Shave Club. Announced this evening, the $130 billion dollar multinational consumer goods company is speculated to be paying $1 billion, all cash, for the startup, according to reports from Fortune


25 Payment Tools for Small Businesses, Freelancers and Startups

Billing your customers is very important. Even more critical is getting paid for those bills. Thanks to the ongoing evolution in the payments industry, there are more payment tools and platforms to choose from to help find the perfect option for your business — based on how many payments you receive, the type of business you have and, of course, your budget.


How to Focus Employees Who Are Too Helpful With Their Ideas

Entrepreneurs are constantly searching for effective ways to grow their business. Your team can be a great source of ideas and inspiration, especially as they get to know your clients and your goals for your organization.



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